An inner drive to create "art" has existed in humans since time immemorial. We can speculate on the motives: beautifying themselves and the world around them, as a form of documentation, communication or perhaps from a much deeper spiritual drive, to propitiate god and explore and contemplate universal questions and answers….

Regardless of history, we are now light years away and evolved. But even in present times, we may conclude that man and the creation of art are still inextricably linked and still inseparable. The need to "create something" remains omnipresent in our collective brain. "The creature becomes the Creator" One does not exist without the other"

And that's why: Cult-Must-Art !!!
It is a statement, a brand, a way of life !!!

CultMustArt, was founded by Artist: Paulette in ‘t Veld. Her inner drive to create Art has focused on creating Complex Analog Collages, She builds worlds in which time and space seem to merge together.

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